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Miners Cabin

Miners Cabin Cards

Miners Cabin is a retreat in Northern California. Jessica L'Esperance and Isaac Dietz purchased and renovated a Victorian home in Nevada City, transforming it into a peaceful escape from the rush of life in the San Francisco Bay Area. The surroundings are picturesque and pristine, with mountains, forests, and rivers nearby. The Yuba River in particular, rugged and brimming with large rocks, became a key point of inspiration as we began working on the project.

Miners Cabin Illustration

Jess and Isaac decided that Miners Cabin would be furnished simply—no televisions here—so that writers and artists could come to find a peaceful moment and even a spark of creativity. We evolved this notion of mining for ideas in a Gold-Rush town into an illustration.

The final piece is hand-drawn and features a nighttime color palette. The name “Miners Cabin” is set in our very own Madtown typeface. We took care to accurately capture the natural world around Nevada City, and to develop a style that felt spare and organic with a hint of nostalgia.

Miners Cabin Mug

Finally, we created a standalone wordmark for use where the full illustration might be too detailed or too large. And of course, there are one-color, two-color, and inverse versions of both pieces to ensure that they can be used easily across all kinds of applications.

Miners Cabin Wordmark
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