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Logos & Wordmarks

Rippling Dimensional Wordmark Rippling Posters

Marks and letters can have an immediate impact, instantly evoking an emotional response or sparking a memory. We’ve worked with clients across a wide range of industries to distill their goals, visions, and values into cohesive, self-evident signs.

Rippling Logo And Wordmark
Rippling Wordmark
Rippling Dot Com Wordmark

Rippling helps businesses manage employees’ needs, be it payroll, benefits, computers, or apps, through a single platform. We helped craft a new icon and wordmark as part of an extensive rebrand. The icon embodies three things: the R in Rippling, the visual of a ripple, and—of course—people. The wordmark, with its industrial tones and extended proportions, sets the company apart in the tech sector.

Direction: Nick Wiesner, Casey Martin

Dr Evarts Stamps
Dr Evarts Wordmark Dr Evarts Abbreviated Wordmark Dr Evarts Full Wordmark
Stewart House Wordmark
Ghurka Medallion

Typography is an efficient and meaningful way to build heritage. We resurrected structural type for The D.R. Evarts Library and The Stewart House, providing a new way for the institutions to leverage their history. Similarly, we made custom typography for Ghurka based on the metal type that was used on their original leather bags.

Direction: Michael Freimuth

Maria Zizka Wordmark
Zizka Bradley Monogram
G Monogram
Industrial Publicide Monogram
Graham Willis Bradley Monogram

Roxaboxen has also revived old letters, drawn new ones, and created symbols, monograms, and illustrative marks for small businesses, arts organizations, and individuals, including a jamtronica duo, an indie publisher, a dance company, and one incredible cookbook author.

Proudmama Wordmark
Coyote Mark
Dolphin Mark
Christinanoel And The Creature Wordmark